Saturday, June 3, 2017

UPDATE 2: USB-C Adapter for full line of USB-C Macbooks! (Almost there)

I am so excited guys! We are almost there!

Final prototype in testing.

If all final testing goes well, we'll have pre-order up soon, so watch this space!

World's only USB-C car adapter and universal battery charger.

We recently tested our competitors, and we can safely say that we are going to be able to fully power a full sized Macbook Pro 15" from any External battery (within voltage output range of 12-24vdc),

Here are our some pictures of our prototype in final testing. (End casing will be white in color.)

(Pictures of our USB-C adapter after fully charging our MBP 15 from 0% charge.)

Stay tuned!  We will be announcing the launch of this great product first here!

Until then...

Stay powered up!  


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