Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Update 4: USB-C charger adapter - Pre-Order here!

Pre -Orders open

Hi Everyone,

We are finally in production and super excited!!
We also just wanted to let everyone know that pre-orders are now open!

Don't pay too much attention to the pictures yet, as the final unit will be glossy white.  We'll update the pictures as we get them.  Consider this a Pre-announcement only!

Herewith then our pre-order link - place your order now:

Stay powered up!  



  1. super excited for this. will def be ordering one ASAP. had a question. will this adapter allow me to charge my macbook pro 15 touchbar from the car without an external battery hooked up? also interested in one of your external battery packs. which ones will work with my computer and this new adapter? thanks so much.

    1. 1) you do not an external battery to charge. You can plug directly into the car.
      2) any of our batteries will work. It just comes down to how long you want to run.

  2. i cant wait to purchase this adapter as well as a battery pack. the only thing is the FAA website says the largest battery can only be 100WH (which they say is the voltage multiplied by AH. so if thats correct, then even your smallest battery pack is 19v x 12ah = 228WH. way over FAA regulations. how can this be? i travel all the time and need a battery pack that is allowed and yet recharges my macbook pro 15 touchbar. thanks for any info to help!

  3. Hi,
    Please give us a few moments to put up a new blog about us getting through airport security without any problems with battery over 100wh. We also did blog about this last time please check this out:

    We'll also cover how we calculate our Wh.

    1. looking forward to reading that info. i am interested to purchase the adapter and battery asap. and need to know about airline policy beforehand. also someone i know has this battery pack/jumper cable unit and wants to know if your USB-C adapter would work with that to charge his 15 inch macbook pro touchbar. here is the link.

      thanks so much for all the info and awesome products.

  4. It's been posted.

    please visit:

  5. oh and yes that battery will work, as long as it has 12-24vdc output.