Friday, June 9, 2017

UPDATE 3: USB-C charger Entering Production

UPDATE 3:  USB-C charger - We Are Finally Entering Production!

Hi everyone, just wanted to send a small update.

We have officially entered into production for the World's First USB-C car and battery charger!
We expect it to be available in about a month and we are looking to have pre-orders up shortly.

If you have been following our blog, you might have noted that our USB-C charger was originally going to be 87w.  For our current model, we had to compromise on the 87w power, dropping it down to 60w so as to maintain compatibility across all the larger devices like Macbook, Dell, HP, etc. Please be assured that 60w of power is still plenty of power (more then anyone else!) to charge and power your New Macbook Pro 15" from car or Battery.  Also, there are a lot of external batteries out there that do not support 87w power which could potentially cause overload conditions.

Stay powered up!  


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