Monday, May 15, 2017

UPDATE: USB-C Adapter for full line of USB-C Macbooks!

Hi Everyone.

Thanks for emailing us your questions. We are still working hard on this project. 

USB-C is turning out to be harder than expected as getting it to work across all devices is not an easy task. One of the reasons why is because USB-C PD is a smart adapter which means there is communication between the charger and the device to adjust the voltage accordingly. Most of today's devices typically have one adapter to one device. 
Basically 1 to 1. USB-C is 1 to many.

The other delay has been our Courier unfortunately crushing our prototype during delivery which created a long wait whilst getting another one done :-(

Despite all of this, we are moving forward steadily and we will keep you all posted regarding our progress.
Thanks for your patience. 

Stay powered up!  


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