Sunday, February 25, 2018

Next Generation USB-C adapter and gofundme.

Hi Everyone,

WE need your help!

Last summer, we decided to develop the World's first High Powered USB-C Car and Battery adapter because there were none on the market that was powerful enough to power larger devices like the new MacBook Pro with USB-C ports.  Everything on the market (and still today) have been lower powered USB-C adapters that are typically less than 36W.  They could not fully charge the largest MacBook Pro which requires 87W when going full speed.

So why do we need the help?

We've invested a LOT of money developing the High Power USB-C adapter that will actually charge the MacBook Pro (and other larger devices), but we were still a bit underpowered for the most hungry power users.  Ours output true 60w.  Others' claim to be 105w, but when we put that to the test, theirs was not 105w, but in fact, less than 60w.

Why was ours not 87W to begin with?

We tried.  To put it simply, chip manufacturers were not ready for the Type 5 (which is over 60w).  So we had to settle for Type 4 (60w range).  We made an agreement with our factory to place a trial order of Type 4, with the intention of next order to be Type 5.

But there is a problem.

The market is flooded with "USB-C" adapters and connectors, hubs, and everything USB-C that we are having a VERY hard time breaking into the market.

We did not break even with our initial investment.  We're not sure if it's a combination of people not finding us, or that you don't need a high powered car adapter/Battery solution for your MacBook Pro on the go.

How can you help?

Please help us spread the word.  Also, we have decided (which is very unusual) to start a page.  The proceeds will help us continue development of our next generation USB-C adapter.

Will you help us push the envelope?

Thanks, and stay powered!

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