Saturday, February 10, 2018

Teardown and Hacking, no "Mikegyvering" the Apple Homepod.


We just got our Apple Homepod!

One the first things I noticed when we got it, is that it's so heavy.  There must be some serious speakers in it!  There is no rush in setting it up, but rather how do I take this thing apart!  The first thing we did is to google for any HomePod teardown (We prefer minimal damage to things as much as possible)...  But no luck.  No one has gotten there's yet... or at least in process of tearing it down now.

The first thing we noticed is that it has an attached power cord... Hummm...  "How can we cut that off" we wondered?  What else could we do to it?  Gears are spinning now...

What would you like to see "improved" on the Homepod?  comments below.

Stay tuned for more...

UPDATE:  Our favorite teardown website:

Posted teardown of the HomePod.  Whew, this saved us a lot of wasted work that might not have been beneficial!  Because we will destroy the HomePod, we cannot resell our mod. (like we do with the AppleTV).  So, Mission aborted.  What do you think?  Comments below!

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