Friday, March 23, 2018

Surface Power adapters and cables.


Some of you may be noticing that we are mostly out of stock on the Surface Car, Surface Battery cables...

We buy only Genuine Surface Power adapters.  Some of you may be surprised that we buy them retail, cut off the magnetic end of the cable and convert them into our Car adapters and Batteries because the Microsoft Surface Power cables are better quality.  We try to stay away cheap, clones, or copycat cables from some other Chinese source. See our prior blog about this.  However, that blog post was a while ago, and they have gotten much better these days.

With that said, it seems our supplier is not stocking or has limited stocks of the Genuine Surface Power adapters. Other suppliers will not sell to us because we are not an end user.  Rather then always trying to figure out our suppliers stock situation, we are going to change the way we provide our solutions to you. For those the volume order customers, we are going to ask that you place an order for any of the Surface adapters (we prefer genuine since it is better quality) from any of your favorite retailer/supplier and have them ship to us called drop shipping.  We will then take your adapter and convert it to be used with any of our mobile power solutions.

That's it!

Thank you and Stay Powered!

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