Friday, September 2, 2016

Win with Mikegyver

Share your Mikegyver Experience and win!!!

As you might now, we are a young, dynamic, family business that make beautifully packaged, top quality, external batteries, chargers and cables. 

We know our customers love our products and personalised service as they often email us to tell us and it was for this reason we thought it high time that our products speak for themselves as well as give our loyal followers the chance to reward themselves, simply by loving our product!

So this is how it works:
Starting today - 1 Sept 2016, any time you find that any one of our products are making your life easier, or you simply find yourself in a breathtaking, funny or just relaxing environment with one of our products…Simply capture the moment, including the phrase Mikegyver helps me stay #PoweredUp” (don’t leave out the Hashtag!!). Tag us on any of our Social Media platforms (Facbook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn) and we will not only feature your photo’s, videos or stories across our platforms but you will also be automatically entered into our Monthly draw to win awesome Mikegyver Merchandise that you can talk more about! (shares and likes by your friends will count in your favour.)


There are no limitations to your entry so whether you are hanging from a cliff with a GoPro #PoweredUp by one of our products, Photographing a tornado with one of our cables or simply enjoying a call that’s important to you that you wouldn’t have been able to make without one of our batteries…we want to hear about it. So get snapping and share how Mikegyver helps you stay #PoweredUp!!

Stay Powered Up!


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