Thursday, September 29, 2016

Biking and powering your Tech.

We seem to get a lot of cycling or mountain biking related queries and so we thought it time to put our most asked questions into a blog. So wether you are just an "out to get fit" cyclist or a professional biker, you might find some insight here.

What would be the best battery for me to use for Notebook or Laptop device whilst cycling:

Although we don't often get a request to power large devices from a bike, there some more serious cyclists who have generators on their bike that they use to recharge their notebooks or laptops, especially when touring or planning long trips. We have found, however, that the generators are simply too small for the larger devices even though they are still using pure DC power (no inverters). In most cases, likely the best solution would be to use a battery that has enough storage that it can keep you powered up the whole way until you can come to a rest area with power, so you can recharge your battery. We recommend our "CEO" battery.

There is however a balance between using a larger battery vs a smaller battery. A larger battery will get you more time and can keep your larger devices powered, but carrying such a heavy payload on your bike during a X-country trip can become a problem. The simplest answer is probably determine how much you think you will need the extra power and for how long and then get the matching battery without going over your weight limit.

We also get the odd question regarding notebook and laptop charging options for radio operators assisting big cycling events and for this we most definitely recommend our "CEO" or just one of our many device specific car chargers as most of these requirements are vehicle bound.

What would be the best battery for me to use for my tablet or phone whilst cycling:

For most cycling ventures however, you will mostly just be carrying a smaller device like an phone or tablet with you. Our smaller batteries like the "Little Giant" would do just fine for you as it'll keep your phone charged and could still squeeze out a bit more time from your larger devices for you should you need it.

They are also fairly easy to mount on your bike if you have a bit of "Mikegyver" type brain or you could simply mail us and I am sure we could come up with something great for you.

We trust this article was helpful to all our avid cycling readers and hope you will manage to stay...

Stay powered!


P.S. As indicated in previous posts, we're looking in offering solar panel options to help solve the need for extra time, while staying powered almost indefinitely. Please contact us should you be interested in this option?

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