Thursday, September 29, 2016

Halloween the Mikegyver Way!

Hello folks,

In true "Mikegyver" style, we recently made a video that you can view on YouTube or find on our Facebook or Twitter pages,  in which we took common things from around the home and combined them with one of our batteries to make a "scare" box that can be used to scare the %*@# out of your friends this Halloween.  

Want to find out how to make this nifty "Scare" device?

Just follow our easy steps:

Things you will need:

1) Any kind of box, I used an old tool box I had in the garage.
2) Universal Door lock actuator
3) Bluetooth relay iPhone remote
4) Our "Little Giant" Battery or our "CEO"
5) Wires: 5.5x2.5mm to open ended wire, and USB to 5.5x2.5 wire
6) Screws
7) Tools

How to connect it all up:

Let us know how it went here or on any of our Social media pages (with a photo and the hashtag #Mikegyer'sScareBox) and you can stand a chance to 

win a Mikegyver egift card to the value of $35 (offer expires soon!)

Stay Powered up
and Have a Happy (and scary) Halloween!


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