Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Enjoy the great outdoors with free energy

We are so excited about our NEW ITEM in store.


Mikegyver now offers solar panels that will powerup all your devices.

Nowadays, if you have the right resources, you can access the internet almost anywhere. Even some places in the middle of nowhere. It is a bit harder, however, to find a power plug in a tree. :-)

So, in true Mikegyver Style, we would like to introduce our Mikegyver 80w and 100w solar panels. Enough power to keep your most power hungry devices powered up anywhere!

The solar panel coupled with our battery will recharge our batteries during the day and keep you powered up through the night.

Our solar panel options, neatly fold up into slim, easy to carry, brief case sized bags come with your choice of one of our Batteries and limited time only, car adapters*!


to sweeten the deal we are offering a 30% Dicsount on the above package. Just choose the discount code that matches the social media site that brought you to our blog or the MCT code if you are a blog follower and use it in store today.

Facebook: 30SOLFAC
Twitter: 30SOLTWI
LinkedIn: 30SOLLIN
Blog: 30SOLMCT

Stay Powered Up,


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