Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Mikegyver Engineering Services


In our last blog, we mentioned that we are going to make a business move toward engineering services.  So what does this actually mean?  Mikegyver's first product was actually modified Apple MacBook Car adapters.  Anyone who follows us knows that we simply bought Apple supplied Adapters, cut off the Magsafe cable and converted it to be used on PURE DC power (for use in cars and with batteries).  This meant less energy wastage through the use of inverters to those who appreciate saving energy.

We quickly moved on to Microsoft Surface tablets and did the same thing there.  With these nifty adaptations, we have helped thousands and thousands of people who appreciate being more efficient with their power. 

Throughout our journey, we constantly come across people who wanted to know if they can alter some of their other devices to become more efficient with DC power for various reasons but most especially if they are interested in off the grid living.  We have had to convert Mac Mini's, Apple Airport routers, and of course our Apple TV which we are selling in our store.  We also tackled harder to power devices like the Lenovo Yoga tablets which had no car adapters at the time.  More recently we created our very own USB-C car/battery adapter that is powerful enough to charge the power-hungry MacBook Pro 15" touchbar and more.

Obviously, all these conversions have led us to think that there could be far more of you out there struggling with some kind of power issue that we could help with or that have a power challenge that no accessory or device on the market is catering to at the moment. Therefore our new engineering service...

So! Do you have something that you'd like to have convert for you or a power source problem that you think we might be able to help with? Or do you have a device that only has AC input and you'd like for it to run on DC power?  Perhaps you need us to put on some special connector for your camera battery (for you photographers out there)? How about just some power needs for that gadget of yours? Or perhaps you know of someone in need of these services?

Contact us for your low power needs!

Until next time, 

Stay powered up!  


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