Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Battery Box conversion

Hi All,

Recently a customer came to us about converting their Batterybox. He was concerned that we might not be able to convert the Batterybox due to the software used to control it since removing the center pin on Magsafe end.

So this is what you read about Batterybox:

BatteryBox powers your laptop rather than charging it, keeping the battery at the same charge percentage - minimizing the number of cycles and stress on your MacBook. This way you get the most power out of BatteryBox without wasting any energy from it travelling through the MacBook battery first. 

After reading this, the below was my response to his concerns:

There cannot be software managing the device in the way mentioned above.  In fact, your Macbook would behave EXACTLY the same as the above description if you disabled the internal chip within the Magsafe. In the early days of the Magsafe, there were a lot of knock off magsafe cable that lacked the charging chip. All the cable did in essence was power the Macbook and NOT charge it. In fact, we have even seen some customers see their internal battery drain during high CPU usage.

The bottom line is this: Think of a battery as a cup of water.  You either drip power into your Macbook, or you pour as much as you can into the Macbook, at the end of the day you'll still have the same run time.

So now that that is explained, lets show you how we converted the Batterybox with a Genuine magsafe cable with full charging functionality restored!

A little bit of additional tibit: this is how they are bypassing Apple Patent, but leaving out the control chip within the Magsafe!

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  1. Mike you are a genius who has kept us well & safely powered thru 5 continents, 48 countries and the oceans between them. Our passages on Angel Louise are the beneficiaries of your great work. @CaptEdKelly

  2. Thank you! This is what we love to hear and actually keeps us going!