Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Why inverters are a waste of energy.

Inverters vs Direct Current.

We have actually covered this issue so many times on our website and Q&A pages, that it took me completely by surprise when I realized that I had actually never blogged about it! So you, our loyal blog followers have never learnt why inverters are a complete waste of energy or why you cannot use inverters for your large devices such as Macbook Pro's - well at least not from me :-)

So without any further ado..after just receiving yet another email from a user who asked why he should switch from and inverter which would cost him $39.95 to our more expensive setup... I figured its time to explain. 

Without making it too complicated, 

  1.  Inverters convert DC power (car/Airplane/boat power) into AC power (household power). 
  2.  Say for instance you are using an Apple adapter with an inverter, the Apple adapter actually  converts the AC power BACK to DC power. 
  3.  You can see for yourself that you are wasting a tremendous amount of energy converting from  DC to AC,  then BACK to DC. (That's 12vdc -> 110vac -> 16.5vdc in Geek speak)


Obviously, this could mean a dead car/airplane/boat battery sooner then you think if using straight battery power! For this reason inverters are often times useless on airplanes because they supply limited power and also why inverters will almost always fail to charge your Macbook or will charge it but shock you in the process.

Here is a diagrammatic representation of the scenario:

The above diagram, however, depicts how our DC adapter works. It just modifies what is already laptop friendly DC power (in your car/airplane/boat), from 12vdc to 16.5vdc. A small step up and no wasted energy! Also, because it is extremely efficient, it leaves you with enough power to charge your Macbook Pro enough to last your entire airline trip - including delays - not to mention longer run times if you are using batteries.

 If you are an avid follower, you will remember one of our previous blogs in which we lent our DC adapter to a fellow airline passenger who was experiencing this exact same problem!

Our solution may not be the cheapest, but we can assure you that you will get more work done as we will most certainly save you time, and as the saying goes... "Time is money"!

Stay powered up!  Efficiently :-)



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