Monday, October 31, 2016

So I got stopped at #TSA ~ #TravellingTips #TravellingTales

In my last blog I mentioned that I will be taking two of our own 24Ah batteries with us on a long trip.  Airline policy states that batteries must be below 100WH.  I originally wanted to bring our “Executive” 34.2Ah battery along but it is easily beyond the TSA standards of 100WH and so I decided to take along two 24ah (88Wh) batteries rather that we like to call...
Upon arriving at the TSA inspection point, I did the usual ~ take off belt, shoes, and put all our belongings into the trays ~ thing.  I asked the TSA agent if I needed to also take out my iPads, and he said “no”.  So I held my breath and shoved my backpack full of electronics and gadgets into the X-ray machine. I figured I’d be stopped, since the last time (probably 3 years ago) when I went through security, I saw the agent stop my bag in the x-ray machine and take an extra long time examining it’s contents.  To be honest, my computer pack could be construed as VERY suspicious as it has all the makings of something sinister with all the wires, and adapters, and any gadget you an think of in there!  Plus, this time it’s a whole lot worse with not one but TWO batteries in the mix.

Sure enough, my backpack was pulled from the X-ray machine for manual inspection.  After what seemed an eternity, the TSA brings the bag back to me and asks if I have anything inside that can harm him… quickly I answered “no”.  He  then rummages through my bag and pulls out 3 iPads (gotta keep the kids busy you know!). He says they need to be put separately in the bins which makes me shake my head and wonder out loud to him why the other TSA agent said it was OK to leave them in the bag? He responds that it is not ok for THAT many iPads…  I wait for him to pull out the batteries…  and to my surprise, he doesn’t.  He proceeds to close up my bag and threw it along with the iPads through the X-ray machine again. For what seems like the longest time with me expected them to pull my backpack out again for another manual inspection at any minute, my bag emerged out the other side and I was allowed to collect my belongings…
That was it...nothing further and I remember thinking...Strange.  But I had a flight to catch and so I packed up as fast as I could and left the area.

They didn’t even appear to blink at the fact that I had two batteries!  Now I can’t help to wonder if I had brought a larger battery along, if it would have mattered!

Anyone out there who got a battery larger than 100wh through TSA , let us know!! (hopefully it was one of ours!)

Until next time,
Mike Lee

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