Saturday, May 23, 2015

Pure DC UPS backup for Synology Diskstation

Synology Battery Backup.

We frequent power outages. Each time that happens our Synology Drive shuts down and we’d have to physically power it back up.
We solved it with our very own pure DC battery backup for the Synology Diskstation!
Did you know standard UPS backups is an inefficient INVERTER? Pure DC power backup is more efficient, less wasteful, and your batteries last longer!
Ask us how you can get Pure DC backup for your device.


  1. Hi, love the idea and this is exactly what I've been investigating. I have a Synology DS214Play and a netgear router which I would love to run from your 32Ah battery pack . Which battery pack where you using? Whats was the projected run time? The only thing missing is a the USB auto-shutdown for the synology.

  2. Hi,
    We're using this:

    We have not tested how long it'll actually run because our power failures are only 2 mins max. But our calculations is that it'll be an hour.

  3. The link in the comment from the Sep 7 2015 go nowhere, can you elaborate? Part list to order? A lot of peoples is looking for your solution see
    I have synology ds918+ the out put of the power source is 12v 8.33A

  4. Hi,
    Our batteries can be found at
    direct link to battery:

  5. Im sorry, but it doesn't say how many Amp it can supply at 12v! My power source output is 12V 8.33A.
    Where can get a cable with the 4 pins to connect the NAS to the battery ?

  6. Hi. Ok it looks like they might have updated their models. The model we had was a standard barrel tip. We specialize in converting cables and making things fit. If you wish, please contact us at: with a picture of your power tip and we can let you know how much it'll cost to convert it. We can either convert yours or buy another adapter to convert for you.